1850 Daniel and Revelation Prophetic Chart.

NOTE: Please see, J N Loughborough's "The Thirteen Hundred and Thirty Five Days." Uriah Smith's "Key to the Prophetic Chart." James White's "The Seven Trumpets of Rev. VIII and IX;" "The Four Universal Monarchies of the Prophecy of Daniel and God's Everlasting Kingdom." Also J N Andrews "The Sanctuary and the 2300 Days," "The Commandment To Restore and to Rebuild Jerusalem."

Do not try printing this chart on 8 1/2 letter paper, legal ect.

It measures 17 inches wide and 27 inches tall.

It May work well with a projector or take the file you down load to a Printer who has a large format printer.

For information on the 2520 year prophecy on this chart see this RH article.

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