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At a time when websites abound along with many winds of doctrine, why yet another? From the pen of inspiration, we have been given counsel to give voice to the men who went through the experience of 1844 (a few of the quotations are shared below).

These men, the pioneers of the Seventh Day Adventist faith have written many small pamphlets and booklets. These are available on the website free in PDF format.

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Early Workers To Speak

God has given me light regarding our periodicals. What is it?-- He said that the dead are to speak. How?--Their works shall follow them. We are to repeat the words of the pioneers in our work, who knew what it cost to search for the truth as for hidden treasure, and who labored to lay the foundation of our work. They moved forward step by step under the influence of the Spirit of God. One by one these pioneers are passing away. The word given me is, Let that which these men have written in the past be reproduced. . . .

Let the truths that are the foundation of our faith be kept before the people. Some will depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. They talk science, and the enemy comes in and gives them an abundance of science; but it is not the science of salvation. It is not the science of humility, of consecration, or of the sanctification of the spirit. We are now to understand what the pillars of our faith are,-- the truths that have made us as a people what we are, leading us on step by step.-- Review and Herald, May 25, 1905

The message To Present

Our lesson for the present time is, How may we most clearly comprehend and present the gospel that Jesus came in person to present to John on the Isle of Patmos,-- the gospel that is termed "the revelation of Jesus Christ"? We are to present to our people a clear explanation of Revelation. We are to give them the word of God just as it is, with as few of our own explanations as possible. No one mind can do this work alone. Although we have in trust the grandest and most important truth ever presented to the world, we are only babes, as far as understanding truth in all its bearings is concerned. Christ is the great teacher, and that which He revealed to John, we are to tax our minds to understand and clearly to define. We are facing the most important issues that men have been called upon to meet.

The theme of greatest importance is the third angels message, embracing the message of the first and second angels. All should understand the truths contained in these messages- and demonstrate them in daily life, for this is essential to salvation. We shall have to study earnestly, and prayerfully, in order to understand these grand truths.--Letter 97, 1902

Let pioneers Identify truth

When the power of God testifies as to what is truth, that truth is to stand forever as truth. No after-suppositions, contrary to the light God has given are to be entertained. Men will arise with interpretations of Scripture which are to them truth, but which are not truth. The truth for this time, God has given us as a foundation for our faith. He Himself has taught us what is truth. One will arise, and still another with new light, which contradicts the light God has given under the demonstration of His Holy Spirit.

A few are still alive who passed through the experience gained in the establishment of this truth. God has graciously spared their lives to repeat and repeat till the close of their lives, the experience through which they passed even as did John the apostle till the close of his life. And the standard bearers who have fallen in death, are to speak through the reprinting of their writings. I am instructed that thus their voices are to be heard. They are to bear their testimony as to what constitutes the truth for this time.

We are not to receive the words of those who come with a message that contradicts the special points of our faith. They gather together a mass of Scripture, and pile it as proof around their asserted theories. This has been done over and over again during the past fifty years. And while the Scriptures are God's word, and are to be respected, the application of them, if such application moves one pillar from the foundation that God has sustained these last fifty years, is a great mistake. He who makes such an application knows not the wonderful demonstration of the Holy Spirit that gave power and force to the past messages that have come to the people of God.--- Preach the Word, p.5(1905)

Councils to Writers and Editors
Page 28-32 - The Foundations, Pillars & Landmarks

"I saw that the shepherds should consult those in whom they have reason to have confidence, those who have been in all the messages, and are firm in all the present truth, before they advocate new points of importance, which they may think the Bible sustains. Then the shepherds will be perfectly united and the union of the shepherds will be felt by the church. Such a course I saw would prevent unhappy divisions, and then there would be no danger of the precious flock being divided and the sheep scattered without a shepherd."

Early Writings
Page 61:3-62 - The Messengers

Now as in former ages, the presentation of a truth that reproves the sins and errors of the times will excite opposition. "Everyone that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved." John 3:20. As men see that they cannot maintain their position by the Scriptures, many determine to maintain it at all hazards, and with a malicious spirit they assail the character and motives of those who stand in defense of unpopular truth. It is the same policy which has been pursued in all ages. Elijah was declared to be a troubler in Israel, Jeremiah a traitor, Paul a polluter of the temple. From that day to this, those who would be loyal to truth have been denounced as seditious, heretical, or schismatic. Multitudes who are too unbelieving to accept the sure word of prophecy will receive with unquestioning credulity an accusation against those who dare to reprove fashionable sins. This spirit will increase more and more. And the Bible plainly teaches that a time is approaching when the laws of the state will so conflict with the law of God that whosoever would obey all the divine precepts must brave reproach and punishment as an evildoer.

In view of this, what is the duty of the messenger of truth? Shall he conclude that the truth ought not to be presented, since often its only effect is to arouse men to evade or resist its claims? No; he has no more reason for withholding the testimony of God's word, because it excites opposition, than had earlier Reformers. The confession of faith made by saints and martyrs was recorded for the benefit of succeeding generations. Those living examples of holiness and steadfast integrity have come down to inspire courage in those who are now called to stand as witnesses for God. They received grace and truth, not for themselves alone, but that, through them, the knowledge of God might enlighten the earth. Has God given light to His servants in this generation? Then they should let it shine forth to the world. GC 458.2-459.1

It is the intention of these studies and this site to fast track the seekers for truth. Three books will set them on a right course: History of the Sabbath and the First Day of the Week by J.N. Andrews, The Cross and Its Shadow by S.N. Haskell, and Daniel and the Revelation by U. Smith.

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The Bible, ELLEN G WHITE and SDA Pioneers on

Below you'll find Bible studies on a wide range of topics:
The Watching TimeWorld Events & the Middle EastUnderstanding ProphecyWhich Day? Sabbath or SundayCeremonial LawsThe DailyViews of JesusGod's Plan, Warnings for UsThe Church

The Watching time in Matthew 24:45 we now find ourselves, When the evil servants of the protestant movement SMITE their fellow servants verse 49, with a sunday law Rev. 13:15,16.

The two horned beast will unite church and state, and by executive order impose this law, causing much debate from congress and public. To extend Christs kingdom? fight islamic terrorists? patriotism or disenfranchisement from civil liberties, follows! False Gospel leads to False Evangelism which is Religious Legislation-External. Matt. 23:25,26. Internal-James 4:8. In the link under congress above listen for the statement at 1:11: "Sixty-eight votes in a body that can't agree that Sunday should be a day off is a really step in the right direction."

  • At 18:53 now used in politics having been practiced by churches for years. This is how the 2ND ANGELS message has been nuetralized and the Loud Cry thrust out, for a counterfiet, a deep state--one world government.
  • The Two Tables of the Ten Commandments where are they? and their relationship to Babylon of Revelation 18.
  • A counterfeit Rev. 18 Loud Cry? of a Deep state, hidden government, Illiminati, one world goverment. "The enemy of souls desires to hinder this work; and before the time for such a movement shall come, he will endeavor to prevent it by introducing a counterfeit." see GC 464.1.
  • Mark this headline, its the undoing of conspiracy theories . Its Done .
  • The History of Revelation 18. What happened to a thus saith the LORD?
  • Rev. 18:9 For in her were . . 13 " slaves , and souls of men."
  • A Modern Apostacy.
  • Babylon Laodicea and the two servants. Understand who and why its the loud cry in Revelation 18.
  • The political weaponzing of The Bible ** Isaiah 32:5 and 8. ** This preceeds a union of church and state.
  • **This movements modern history. ** Have christians given up the Gospel message for a polictical one? Even Gods' professed people are being decieved into a false liberal vs. conservative battle. And how does this affect the 3 Angels messages, this message one of repulican vs. democrat?
  • Sealed or the Protestant Image?
  • On the Verge of a reign of terror.
  • An Urgent Plea to Ministers who teach a New One world Government, a second reign of the papacy. See media outlets focus on evangelicals .
  • The Loud Cry of Revelation 18. Hear Them .
  •    But so long as Jesus remains man's intercessor in the sanctuary above, the restraining influence of the Holy Spirit is felt by rulers and people. It still controls to some extent the laws of the land. Were it not for these laws, the condition of the world would be much worse than it now is. While many of our rulers are active agents of Satan, God also has His agents among the leading men of the nation. The enemy moves upon his servants to propose measures that would greatly impede the work of God; but statesmen who fear the Lord are influenced by holy angels to oppose such propositions with unanswerable arguments. Thus a few men will hold in check a powerful current of evil. The opposition of the enemies of truth will be restrained that the third angel's message may do its work. When the final warning (the Loud Cry of Revelation 18) shall be given, it will arrest the attention of these leading men through whom the Lord is now working, and some of them will accept it, and will stand with the people of God through the time of trouble. { GC 610.3}
  • Its This Simple !* Not twice but Once! Who's religious freedom , Judges, legislation, election candidate?--NOT the Pope's-- Protestant Evangelicals Image , union of Church and state Re-enacted by who? " But if the subject of religious legislation is judiciously and intelligently laid before the people, and they see that through Sunday enforcement the Roman apostasy would be re-enacted by the Christian world, and that the tyranny of past ages would be repeated, then whatever comes, we shall have done our duty." December 24, 1889 par. 4. Here's whats going on Behind closed doors--as Prophecy foretells!
  • Under a Cloak of Christianity, speaking as a Dragon. Are we not watching the United States repudiate its Constitution? 5T 451.
  • Influences/Conditions that shape political change .
  • When the Pope spoke to Congress .
  • Evangelical Alliance ! Watch and hear 1Sam. 8:5 and 12:12,19 Today.
  • How was the Beast formed ? (and the truth about WWII) Is how The Image is formed See !
    Please note: It is by this union--a setting up of Christ's temporal kingdom that prepares the way for satan to appear and impersonate Christ. See studies: Aim and Goal of Protestants and jesuits, Two servants, Complete history of protestants, Christ and a Christian Nation, etc.
  • Watch the Two Horned Beast of Revelation 13:11 bring "fire down from heaven in the sight of men," See PBS The Bomb, " and " the ( Song )(General Leslie Groves A decendant of the French Huguenots who came to America in the 17th century). Now a National Park.
  •    Four mighty angels hold back the powers of this earth till the servants of God are sealed in their foreheads. The nations of the world are eager for conflict; but they are held in check by the angels. When this restraining power is removed, there will come a time of trouble and anguish. Deadly instruments of warfare will be invented. Vessels, with their living cargo, will be entombed in the great deep. All who have not the spirit of truth will unite under the leadership of Satanic agencies. But they are to be kept under control till the time shall come for the great battle of Armageddon. {1MR 145.3}{7BC 967.0.}
  •    At the time when the Papacy, robbed of its strength, was forced to desist from persecution, John beheld a new power coming up to echo the dragon's voice, and carry forward the same cruel and blasphemous work. This power, the last that is to wage war against the church and the law of God, is represented by a beast with lamblike horns. The beasts preceding it had risen from the sea; but this came up out of the earth, representing the peaceful rise of the nation which it symbolized--the United States.  {ST, February 8, 1910 par. 5}
  • Christians and Politics ? Why Christians are not to Vote.
  • The issues that are leading to a Union by the Church with the State?
  •     Watch these principles play out then and NOW!
  •    In the following is * to be found (judges 9:15)* the elements that bring on the Sunday Law: These will also be found to be the catalysts in Germany of the 30's and 40's. In addition to this, we have Spiritualism, infidelity (to God while claiming to be), socialism, free love, and trades unions, or labor against capital, and communism, all assiduously spreading their principles among the masses. These are the very principles that worked among the people, as the exciting cause, just prior to the terrible French Revolution of 1789 and onward. Human nature is the same in all ages, and like causes will surely produce like effects. {1897 UrS, DAR 542.1; 1912 583.3}{1874 UrS, USLP 87.2}{1887 UrS, MANA 144.1} Para contents mine.
  • Health Reform connected to National Reform and A Sunday Law?
  • All the world "WANDERED ?" after the Beast.
  • The wound to the beast, What was it and when is it healed?
  • Protestant Secret Societies! Their history . Their secret militia's . The influences that gave rise then are the same now. See Also . Illuminati?
  • **The Ten Lost Tribes and a Fatal Conclusion.**
  • The cause's used to form an Image , and how the Mark will be received?
  • The Two Worshippers In Revelation.
  • The Evil Servant and the Plagues.
  • Christ and a Christian Nation ? Nations are a reflection of their peoples will. Num. 23:9 "the people shall dwell alone, and shall not be reckoned among the nations."
  • The Wheat and Tares .
  • *The Two Servants, and their work connected with The great Commission? * A careful reading of the book of Job using Gods Testimony as a guide reveals the two servants and who was the good and wise servant.
  • The Two Servants in the Protestant movement. How Often has this message been given ? See Matt. 11:12 And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force. Judges 9: ; 1Sam 8:5, 12:17.
  • Aim and Goal of Protestants and Jesuits. Are they not the same, and just as deadly ? One conspiracy down two to go.
  •    Note--Are you watching local and world events? Are you noticing that Pastors are inserting themselves in civil affairs all across this land. Have you noticed that when civic meetings are to crowded they're moved  not to schools but churches? That licensed Clergy are running for political office, and lawyers are arguing religion into law. Pagan Rome asserted its self into the affairs of Nations and became a universal Empire. Dan. 11:14. And  this is how papal Rome began its long career of persecution Dan. 11:31. And it is exactly how prophecy foretold the Two Horned Beast of Rev. 13:11 image would be formed; a Protestant union of Church and State.
  • The Rise of the two horned Beast Commemorated or Illuminati money?
  • Who's leading Protestants?
  • Does God intend another Union of Church and State in the Christian age ? Claiming patriotism and a religious state, yet cheating on taxes and disobeying civil law. They, by these actions deny what they profess. Corrupt clergy teaching a false gospel, turning from God to trust in a temporal government. 1 Samuel 2:15; 8:5-7; 12:12,17. A form of Godliness and false evangelism. A false Gospel which makes the outside clean instead of the of the inside by confession and REPENTANCE, a change of heart. Matt. 23:25,26; Luke 11:39.
  • Why does it happen?
  • The complete History of Protestantism ! Even Skeptics  can see what they're doing? 1Tim. 5:20. Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear. 21 I charge thee before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, and the elect angels, that thou observe these things without preferring one before another, doing nothing by partiality.
  • Do Protestants Do It All?
  • Who Forms the Image?
  • It will be noticed the Two horned beast inforces the worship of the Image it has made, not the beast itself. As in Egypt the worship of God in the way He required was denied (Ex.5:2,5 rest from their burdens;6:6; chapters 7-10) resulting in plagues. So the Two Horned Beast denies (Rev. 13:15 "as many as would not worship the image" with Its "mark"; Rev. 14:7 "worship him that made heaven" Ex. 20:11 "For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day:wherefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it") the worship of God and those requirements causing the 7 last plagues. Rev. chapters 15 and 16.
  • Dictionary Protestant: noune., All Protestants reject the authority of the papacy, both religious and political.

World events and the Middle East

Understanding Prophecy

  • God says what scripture means not man "shall the thing framed say of him that framed it, He had no understanding?" Isa. 29:16
  • Where the Old Testiment and New Testiment churches merge . Ancient and Modern Israel .
  • Daniel and Revelation Chart collating points of prophecy. (updating typos)
  • Who Is Michael ? A Hymn. Mattew 24 is Key-Essential-Imperative to understanding Daniel and Revelation.
  • Does Babylon Come into the SDA church ? See Dual Application and Error Does it matter what we believe. Delusional for Christians: No awareness of engaging in Biblical deceptions. Do not Discern the fact they're promoting these deceptions, false Prophecy, a false Gospel. They believe in these deceptions and they cannot be persuaded by the plainest Bible statements. Holding these false beliefs in-spitet of Direct Bible evidence to the contrary, and contradicted by reality of events. When confronted with truth-events, there's: no shame, no guilt, no remorse, no regret, no apology, no gratitude. 2Thess. 2:10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.
  • Prophecy Just as It Reads.
  • Dual Application ? Do Bible Texts have more than one meaning (1Cor. 14:8;2Peter 3:16;2Tim.2:15), i.e., a then and now? Aren't Bible symbols times specific. It is amazing that we hear today there's more than one meaning to a Scripture. Yet those who say this echo satans lie to Eve--there's another meaning this is what "hath not God said ye may eat of every-any," it doesn't matter (what you believe). But is that what Jesus taught, or any Bible writer Old or New Testament? No! Imagine if you read any other book using this rule. It is the context of the Scripture that determines the meaning and use of the Word! Example, Job 1:8; 2:3,10-James 3:2. God said to satan that Job was perfect MORALLY and gave the reasons why. Some say, using this FALLIBLE rule, perfect means mature. Notice if this is what God meant, Job was simply mature, none (satan) would argue against this OBVIOUS point. Its a natural progression of human experience. But in the law of God is found the reason for this discourse, satan had argued that man cannot keep the law of God. Its of minor importance Job's maturity. But Moral Perfection is a GREAT matter, a pearle of great price. Yet those who cling to the more than one meaning are left with the impossible task of producing a Scripture or EGW quote that gives authority for just such a rule.
  • What is the Omega of Apostacy. Using your feelings to interpret Scripture.
  • Hermeneutics and the Christian Church.
  • Error. Does it MATTER what we believe? Can we all believe something different?
  • Which Bible , is there a difference?
  • Church Creeds ?
  • Why a right  understanding of the Bride matters. False theories remove 1844 by a future fulfillment interpretation, this is apostate precahing.
  • ** Love Vs. Prophecy, is this Pauls directive? Will Prophecy fail?**
  • How Apostacy Works .
  •   Unpopular Truth. Not many will stand for it!
  • Giving up the 3 Angels Messages for popular theories.
  • A Bible comparison, Are the 7 Trumpets warnings for the 7 Last Plagues?
  • A Bible comparison on the 7 Seals and when is The Sealing Time.
  • The Work of the Last Fifty Years.
  • New Light.
  • The Pioneers.
  • Uriah Smith.
  • If Prophecy has more than one meaning our day, their day No absolute fulfillment the or now. Not specific to time, location or event. Then how can we be "Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat." 2Peter 3:12. thus we should interpet as no day imparticular? absurd.
  • Unity of the Faith by those who came before and those who come after.
  • The 7 Times of Lev. 26!

Which Day?

  • The Ten Commandments as taught to Jews and Gentile.
  • Paul the best proponent of 1st Day observance Part 2.
  • Paul the best proponent of 1st Day observance . Part 1. 1Cor. 14:37 If any man think himself to be a prophet, or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things that I write unto you are the commandments of the Lord.
  • Jesus Sabbath .
  • The Lords Day is not the Mark of the Beast.
  • *Origin of the Lords Day and the Mark of the Beast.* Where did sunday begin?
  • **The lunar Sabbath.**
  • What are the Two Laws?
  • Given to the Gentiles? Crucial to the New Testament.

The Ceremonial Law

  • The Offerer and the Lamb.
  • When were the Apostles Converted ? See also NT, Keeping Feastdays? below.
  •    There are many who try to blend these two systems, using the texts that speak of the ceremonial law to prove that the moral law has been abolished; but this is a perversion of the Scriptures. The distinction between the two systems is broad and clear. The ceremonial system was made up of symbols pointing to Christ, to His sacrifice and His priesthood. . . But concerning the law of Ten Commandments the psalmist declares, "Forever, O Lord, Thy word is settled in heaven." Psalm 119:89. And Christ Himself says, "Think not that I am come to destroy the law.... Verily I say unto you", making the assertion as emphatic as possible "Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled." Matthew 5:17, 18. . . . { PP 365.1}
  • The most Important element the Key to understanding Prohpecy.
  • NT, Keeping FeastDays ? Is keeping the moral law works, Paul's statements are misused.
  • Why Paul went to Jerusalem. Was it to keep the FEAST DAY?
  • Should we Keep the Feast Days?
  • Division among the Apostles on the sacficial law.
  • A wrong understanding of the relationship between the two laws, is what todays FALSE Gospel is based on--He did it all, we can't do anything. One law represented Christ's atonement for sin and its prupose on our heart. The other is a written transcript of His moral character, which is to dwell in us--to become our nature. Matt. 12:7. 1Sam. 15:22;1John 5:2,3.
  • Will they try to re-institute the cerimonial law at Jerusalem? Among those that rejected the 3 Angels Messages to re-interpret prophecy was their only coarse. Hear them on the alternative for the 2300 days then: "By what event is the close of the 2300 years to be signalized? Answer--By the cleansing of the sanctuary. The accomplishment of the vision--the last end of the indignation, Dan. 8:14-18, 23-27. In other words, in A.D. 1847 the Lord Jehovah will appear for the restoration and establishment in Palestine of the seed of Abraham, which He swore unto their fathers." The Voice, May 27, 1846. J. Marsh.

Christ's ministry or paganism?

  • Was Christ smitten twice, Num. 20:11 more than once, often, DAILY? Heb. 7:27.
  • The Daily of Daniel 8, 11 12. False theories remove 1844, That Christ's minitry was interupted--See R. J. Wieland's work under J N Loughborough.
  • *Is the daily of Daniel 8 Non-Salvational ?*
  • Does Paul say the daily is Christ's daily Sacrifice.

Views Of Him

  • Patriarchism is making news, and its disappearing is the cry.
  • The Mystery of the First Begotten of the Father, Predestination, and Forknown.
  • WARNING! Sanctuary doctrine is under attack. The ** Godhead ** a Trinity? See Were the SDA Pioneers Arian?
  • Office of The Holy Spirit ? Part One.
  •   Office of the Holy Spirit! Part Two.
  • Did Christ suffer the Second Death , was He placed on Probation? Which of Adams natures does He posses and intercess for?
  • Are Babies born sinners ? The age of accountabilty, baptism and communion, is Jesus our example.
  • The Ressurection Of Jesus who caused it, and how does it fit in the Plan of Salvation?
  • The Love of God is not enough to save us! As they use "more than one meaning to a scripture," so to they use "unconditional love," and "ignorance"--false gosples, as a wall to prevent the truth from getting into their view. Why do they never extend these to those who proclaim the word of God.
  • Just Believe ?
  • Don't Worry God's in Control , there's nothing for you to do Jesus did it all!

God's plan and warning for us

  • Bible Order . Sequencing the Books of Old and New Testaments. God Bless you all.
  • If we love God and man the same is known of us.
  • Genesis 6:4 and 9 Angelic Procreation and Genetic Purity?
  • Leaning on the arm of those who are not worthy.
  • The Sanctuary and associated with it 144,000 . See JN Loughborough's Questions on the Sealing. U Smith's 144,000.
  • The Earth Billions of years old? Global warming? Really!
  • Many a portion of Scripture which learned men pronounce a mystery, or pass over as unimportant, is full of comfort and instruction to him who has been taught in the school of Christ. One reason why many theologians have no clearer understanding of God's word is, they close their eyes to truths which they do not wish to practice. An understanding of Bible truth depends not so much on the power of intellect brought to the search as on the singleness of purpose, the earnest longing after righteousness. { GC 599.2}
  • Are you Saved NOW ?
  • Sanctification is the work of a lifetime , "and eternity sure is a long time." This study is dedicated to pastors elders.
  • How we are Sealed .
  • Really? Its supposed to say Do no murder ?
  • What are peacemakers , how do we know who they are?
  • Feelings Emotions vs. Principle , the battle that wins Heaven.
  • **The Four Beasts and Four and Twenty Elders . A Beautiful vision Marred. A wrong understanding destroys their purpose in the Sanctuary and on Day of Atonement. And the last conflict we face, the loud cry. Turning to kings .**
  • How to Overcome .
  • Part 1 on our Effort .
  • Part 2 on our Effort.
  • What are we Accountable for? But say many in the times of our "ignorance God winked at" finish the Verse: "But Now (in Paul's day) Commandeth all men every where to REPENT"!
  • The formation of Character .
  • Judging-Judgement-Discernment are we not to use it?
  • Is there any obligation in the Gospel?
  • How does Grace work?
  • Works, are they necessary?
  • Perfection ? Some say maturity, yet this term affords no conversion, no repentance (Acts 3:19; Is. 28:12; zacchaeus Luke 19:8), therefore no remission, destroying the Sanctuary message. Lev. 22:21.
  • In regards to work's and perfection the following is of utmost importance: "Probation would be granted him (man) in which, through a life of repentance and faith in the atonement of the Son of God, he might be redeemed from his transgression of the Father's law, and thus be elevated to a position where his efforts to keep His law could be accepted." {SOR 46.3} See the book Faith and Works by EGW.
  • He's a Godly Man ? Pious? By what standard.
  • Confession of Sin.

The Church

 Luke 21:26 Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

2Peter 3:10 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. 11 Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness,

     The church is now engaged in a warfare that will increase in intensity on the very point on which you have been misled. Not one pillar of our faith is to be moved. Not one line of revealed truth is to be replaced by new and fanciful theories.  {MM 96.3} 
     In clear lines truth has been given us. Under the guidance of God, books have been prepared which state clearly the truth for this time. If you will not believe these evidences, neither would you believe if one rose from the dead.  {MM 96.4}

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