Bible Readings for the Home Circle 1888

This Book Description is from 1888.

BIBLE READINGS FOR THE HOME CIRCLE, in English, Danish, Swedish, German, Holland, and French. Contributed by numerous Bible students: 600 pages, profusely illustrated with full page engravings, diagrams, colored-plates. and ornamented headings, many of which were engraved especially for this work. It also embraces the pictorial allegory, "The Game of Life." Olive cloth, marbled edges, $2; blue cloth, silk finish, gilt edges and side. stamp, $2.50; library, marbled edges, $3; half morocco, gilt side-stamp, $3.50; full morocco, gilt edges and side-stamp, $4.25.

This work contains 162 readings on a great variety of subjects, adapted to all classes of society; and designed for either public or private use, embracing readings on conversion, obedience, prayer, sanctification, temperance, social purity, nature of man, immortality, the angels, the law of God, the Sabbath, the judgment, second coming of Christ, millennium, New Jerusalem, destruction of the wicked, new earth, reward of the righteous, and numerous readings on the prophecies of both the Old and the New Testaments. Sold by subscription.

The same readings, solid type, on thin paper, without illustrations, bound in brown cloth, plain edges, $1.