Booklets & Pamphlets by A T Jones

Although A T Jones is not considered an SDA pioneer never-the-less his work is import enough to give it a place here. The reader is cautioned about AT Jones work. His apostacy lead him to reject many Bible truths, and finally with JH Kellog and EJ Waggoner turned to pantheism. In “The Eastern Question” Jones states that by taking Constantinople America "chirtian nation (s)" is then the King of the North--this nor Jerusalem is the seat of the King of the North. This is not what the SDA pioneers believed. This book will give a general understanding of the topic. Uriah Smith's Daniel and the Revelation chapter Dan. 11:45 Is the best explanation of the Eastern Question.   KoN.pdf.      Mastertemplate.indd

THE NATIONAL SUNDAY LAW. This work contains the argument of Alonzo T. Jones before the Senate Committee on Education and Labor in behalf of the rights of American citizens, and in opposition to the Blair Sunday bill. The argument is enlarged to what it would have been without Senator Blair's interruptions, objections, and counter-arguments, and is accompanied with answers to all of his objections and counter-arguments.

As the Sunday question is now a living issue, this treatise will be interesting to all classes, especially legislators, lawyers, judges, and other public men. Dr. Crafts pronounced the original report "mighty interesting reading." The comments of Mr. Jones make it more so. The argument is based on Scripture and history, Constitution and law, showing the limits of the civil power, the unconstitutionality of the Sunday bill, an analysis of the Sunday laws and other religious legislation of the different States, the Sunday law movement of the fourth century, the Sunday-law movement of the nineteenth century, the methods used in securing indorsements to the petitions for the Blair bill. and the workings of such Sunday laws as are proposed for the United States.

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