These booklets and pamphlets are set up for printing on 8 1/2x11, US letter size paper or 8 1/2x14, legal size paper; landscape. In your printer window slect: landscape, paper size, odd pages, total number of pages, de-select coalate. Follow these same settings for printing even pages.

To figure how your printer will print. I suggest starting with only printing page 1 then page 2. Not all pages!

Also that you print odd page first then even page.

The idea is to match both sides of the paper, mirrored i.e., page 1 on the front; right end of the paper, page 2 on the back; left end of the paper. Book style and tops at the same edge up.

Practice with a few sheets to get the matching pages right. Remeber odd first then even.

Figure out how to rotate the paper from printing page 1 to printing page 2. Some printers exit the sheet by putting page 1 face up and others exit page 1 face down. So here is where you might have to do your shuffle to make sure blank side of page 1 (page 2) is in the right position to have page 2 properly print there.

Now print all odd pages rotate, and then print all even pages.

Make sure they are in the correct sequence after printing for this may reverse their order.

Fold in the middle towards the center.

Don't forget the cover if it gets one.

Staple with a saddle stapler in the direction of the fold from the cover side in to the middle.

Trim the page long edge.

Don't forget the cover if it gets one.