Booklets & Pamphlets by J N Andrews

Special Note:

During the winter of 1852-53, Elder Andrews wrote his 80-page pamphlet on the Sanctuary and 2,300 days. This was printed on the hand press in the spring of 1853. The office had no stitching or trimming machine. Elder White, anxious to send copies to all the brethren, called a “bee” of the Rochester members who folded the signatures for 100 books. I perforated them with a shoemaker’s pegging awl, the sisters stitched them with needle and thread, Mary Patten put on the covers, and Uriah Smith trimmed them with his pocket knife and straight edge. Sister White wrapped them, and Elder White addressed them for the mail. We were a happy company together for we were getting off the first book printed on a press owned by Seventh-day Adventists. J.N. Loughborough, ( R.H. 7-31-1919)

A Refutation Of The Claims Of Sunday-Keeping

Page 20 Paragrphs 5, 6. See also Paragraph 7.

By such means as these, the observance of the first day was gradually forced upon the people wherever they owed allegiance to the Pope as head of the church, and the Sabbath was as gradually brought into contempt and disuse.

The process by which the change was effected appears to be this: By first obtaining an annual celebration of the first day at the close of Passover, in honor of the resurrection; then a partial observance of the day weekly, it being generally so observed among the heathen; then obtaining for it the support of civil laws, ecclesiastical canon and penalties, and by giving it the title of Lord’s day; then by requiring the consecration of the entire day. To abate and ultimately eradicate all respect for the Sabbath, it was first turned into a fast; then it was dedicated to the Virgin Mary, resting upon it was stigmatized as Judaism and heresy, and the preaching of it was called Antichrist; and finally the fourth commandment was pronounced ceremonial, and was effectually abstracted from the Decalogue. And thus, so far as the Roman church was concerned, the point was gained; and thus, probably, she performed her part in the fulfillment of the prophecy of Daniel, (vii, 25,) “He shall think to change times and laws; and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.”

The Complete Testimony Of The Early fathers

Page 4 Paragraph 4

"5. And now mark the work of apostasy: This work never begins by thrusting out God’s institutions, but always by bringing in those of men and at first only asking that they may be tolerated, while yet the ones ordained of God are sacredly observed. This, in time, being effected, the next effort is to make them equal with the divine. When this has been accomplished, the third stage of the process is to honor them above those divinely commanded; and this is speedily succeeded by the fourth, in which the divine institution is thrust out with contempt, and the whole ground given to its human rival."