Booklets & Pamphlets by Joseph Bates

The Second Advent Waymarks

The design of the author of the following pages is to strengthen and encourage the honest hearted, humble people of God, that have been, and still are, willing to keep the COMMANDMENTS of God and the testimony of Jesus, to hold on to their past experience, in the connected chain of wonderful events and fulfilment of prophecy, which have been developed during the last seven years. “Prove all things and hold fast that which is good.” Again Jesus says, “ye are my friends if ye do whatsoever I command you.” He has plainly and positively commanded us down here “to hold that fast which we have, that no man take our crown.” From other portions of his teaching, it is plain that in this passage he refers to our past and present experience, and nothing else. Because all our worldly interest is, and must be, consecrated to God. Then here, while we are in the fiery furnace, being shaped for the building that is in the heaven of heavens, we are exhorted to look back to these WAYMARKS and HIGH HEAPS in our pathway, that our confidence may be unshaken in our glorious commander, who has brought us off victorious thus far, and has promised us if we trust in him, “We shall be as Mount Zion which can never be removed.” As I have no earthly object here in view but the prayers and good will of those who may be benefited by reading the following, which we dedicate to them, I hope to be pardoned if any thing which is said may be deemed harsh or too severe, where I have referred to names, books or papers, to vindicate the cause and work of God in these last days. I have honored and respected them, and do now, for all their good works, but for the stumbling blocks they have laid in the way, and removing of bounds, (See Hosea 5:10) I praise them not, but will endeavor to “speak the truth in righteousness.”—Amen.

NOTE: The T M. Preble Tract below was given to Capt. Bates by Rachel Preston.