R. J. Wieland

This Booklet deals with the controversy surrounding the Daily of Daniel 8:13. Here is given information that brings to the reader the modern issues of the Daily. See Also J.N. Loughborough's Booklet ; and a Compilation of other SDA authors. From this Pamphlet: Who was Robert Wieland ?

The Author of ’ This Outline: Formerly Presbyterian, became Seventh-day Adventist in 1929, attended Southern Junior College (Collegedale) 1933-35 while Snide taught there, graduated Columbia Union College 1939, ordained as pastor 1945, missionary to Uganda and Kenya 1945-65, graduated with M. Th. from Andrews University Seminary 1965 (had Hilgert for professor), pastor Southeastern California Conference, sent back to Africa as Adventist All Africa Editorial Consultant 1979-85 (during which time wrote this Outline), serves now as member of the editorial board of the 1888 Message study Committee, and local elder in home church in Northern California Conference. 

R.J. Wieland Obituary  7/13/2011.

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